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Life Insurance & Critical Illness

Commonly a controversial topic, Critical Illness & Life insurance policies can actually be your best friend in finance. In the event of a serious illness or premature death, families go through both psychological and financial devastation. For those with little savings, insurance payouts provide funds to pay for final expenses and other essential living expenses due to loss of income – without the need to take out a loan or borrow from others. As for the affluent, why deplete years of hard-earned assets when you can have different policies (life, critical illness, disability, long term care, etc.) pay for such unforeseeable expenses?

Life Insurance & Critical Illness

Insurance planning is also a critical tool for:

Retirement Planning

Tax deferred savings/investment & income supplementation

Estate Planning

Tax efficient transfer of wealth to next generation

Business Succession Planning

Transfer of shares to joint owners or family members upon retirement or death

Growing Corporation Assets

Tax efficient growth and maximizing use of Retained Earnings

Everyone’s needs are different. Contact me today to get a customized proposal of suitable products.